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September 4, 2007

I have a friend... #1

I have a friend. He likes to eat chocolate and bacon pancakes.

It's always fun whenever he orders.
-Hi, what can I get you?
-Hey, I'd like a pancake... with chocolate and bacon, please.
-Right... *writes it down* --Whaaaa?

So we're out together, and he asks for a chocolate and bacon pancake and I'm a curious person and I'm wondering "what does a chocolate and bacon pancake taste like?"
I realize that I'm never going to order any for myself - this is my chance to find out. So he gives me a bite of his chocolate and bacon pancake. And you know what?

It tastes like a pancake. With chocolate. And bacon.


Mel said...

understand why you like that unimpressive souvlaki, instead of eating at Crab's :P

Nounouka said...

Mpliax...nothing else.. hahaha..§:D