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September 21, 2007

Career Opportunities

How does somebody decide to open a candle shop?
"I'm scared of the dark, but I don't trust electricity, either..."
Or a funeral home? Who are these people who say "You know what? I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of dead bodies."

I wonder what they answered on those career personality tests.

-Do you enjoy peace and quiet?
-Did you play with dolls, as a child?
-Are you easily startled by sudden movements?
-Do you enjoy dressing people up but hate it when they breathe?
-Do you like people, but only until they start talking?
-Do you wish people would really listen to you?

1 comment:

Nounouka said...

Xaxaxaxa...m'aresei na vafw an8rwpous xwris na paraponiountai pws konteuw na tous vgalw to mati me to mauro moluvi seventeen..
u.g.:alh8eia kleinoun tis trupes twn nekrwn me vamvaki?