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December 18, 2008

Suited Monkey

Almost two months ago, Stelios Kouloglou, a Greek journalist, did a series of short videos showcasing some of the comics appearing at the Νύχτες Κωμωδίας Comedy Club in Athens.
Mine has finally been posted online: check it out! (sadly only in Greek)

A couple of thoughts after the jump...

That was probably one of my best sets, so I'm especially happy to have it on video. I think it comes across - it's surprisingly energetic (something compounded by the fact that I talk waytoofast)...
I like how they start with my joke about living with 4 siblings. It's something that describes me accurately and succinctly. They've picked my most palatable material -which conflicts somewhat with my statement, at the beginning, that "my set becomes more surreal with every passing year", but what are you going to do?

... It'd be nice if they hadn't mistyped my name in the accompanying text, though.

Now, can anybody show me how to save this and embed it? ... Never mind, found it!


Sukeile said...

That is wonderful! I hope it gives you lots of attention :D

And it's okay that I can't understand any greek since my sound is still broken anyway :)

CitizenMac said...

Pretty good video, and hey, attention from the "good" greek journalism! That ain't half-bad!